Freeze Sandwiches to Save Money When Travelling

French bread sandwich with chipsImage via WikipediaIn preparation for a road trip, make up sandwiches on fresh bread and freeze. On the day you leave, all you need to do is take the sandwiches out of the freezer and take with you. When they thaw, you'll have wonderful fresh sandwiches that you can eat as you travel.

Fillings that freeze well:

* ham & cheese
* ham & chutney
* chicken (fresh chicken not chicken roll) with or without mayonnaise
* cheese & pickles
* vegemite & cheese
* variety of spreads
* other meats

If you like salad on your sandwiches, you can pack a small amount of salad and refrigerate to be added to the sandwiches when they're thawed.

For variety, the same method works well with rolls.

Packing sandwiches is an easy way to save money when travelling.

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Travel Show Bags

As a child my mother used to pack us travel show bags whenever we were taking a long trip.

Inside the bags she would put an assortment of food such as:

* fruit box or water
* piece of fruit
* small packet of chips
* cut up salad
* pieces of cheese
* packet of lifesavers

As well as some homemade puzzle sheets.

It was a simple idea but one that kept us happy for a fair portion of the trip. It always included our lunch (cut up salad bits and pieces) but we got to choose when we wanted to eat it.

A great way to make a special treat for a trip but save money on buying food and drink along the way.

Take Your Own Water

HELMAND PROVINCE, AFGHANISTAN - JULY 21: Bottl...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeI really HATE spending money on purchasing bottled water. So we've always been in the habit of taking water bottles wherever we go.

Our children are growing up with the habit of drinking water whether we're at home or away.

It's also much safer in the car than sticky juice of soft drink if a spillage happens.

The bottled water also comes in handy for cleaning up sticky fingers, messy faces and car sickness.

On the odd occasion we've purchased drinks on our travels, it has astounded me how quickly it adds up.

Taking your own water is a great way to save money easy.

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Crockpot Recipes

a w:slow cooker Oval Crock PotImage via WikipediaA crock pot (slow cooker) is a fabulous way to save money. It's uses less electricity, enables you to cook cheaper cuts of meat and makes cooking simpler (therefore potentially saving on take away).

You can never have too many crockpot/slow cooker recipes.

I plan to go through this lot a bit at a time:

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Recipes

If you try any and want to share which ones you like, feel free to do so. I'd love to hear.

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Keep Your Cheese Fresh For Longer

MODESTO, CA - OCTOBER 26:  David Snyder hand c...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeWrap your cheese in grease proof paper and then place it in an airtight container to keep it fresh longer. Greaseproof paper seems to do a better job than either plastic wrap or aluminium foil when it comes to keeping cheese fresh.

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Shop With a List to Save Money on Groceries

Supermarket check out, :en:London January 2005Image via WikipediaIt is so easy to part with an extra $10 or $20 when rolling down the aisles of the supermarket.

The most effective way to stop unnecessary items jumping into your trolley/cart is to shop with a list.

Not just ANY list but a SPECIFIC list.

How many apples do you need? How many potatoes?

Just a few minutes of thought before you head out to the shops can make the job a LOT easier and help you SAVE MONEY on your groceries.

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Grate Your Own Cheese

Zigerbrüt, cheese grated onto bread through a ...Image via WikipediaPurchasing cheese already grated is one of modern life's little luxuries. Some people argue that it's a worthwhile convenience for the small extra cost charged (and on special it is even sometimes possible to purchase it for the same money or cheaper).

There are a couple of things not often considered when making this comparison.

1. Cheese is sold by weight. Commercially grated cheese uses additives to stop the grated cheese clumping together. Therefore 500g of grated cheese is NOT 500g of cheese but a combination of cheese and additives.

2. Commercially grated cheese is very course. A handful of hand-grated cheese usually weighs considerably LESS than a handful of commercially grated cheese. Because cheese is sold by weight not by volume, chances are you'll use MORE cheese when purchased already grated than if you grate it yourself.

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Cook Double Quantity

Fideos and other Italian dishes are features o...Image via WikipediaAn easy way to give yourself a night off cooking is to cook some meals in double quantity and freeze.

It's a great way to beat those "cooking blues" and avoid resorting to take away on a night when you're too tired or busy to cook.

One of my favourites for cooking in larger quantities is spaghetti bolognese. It freezes well and it's easy to cook up some pasta and reheat the sauce.

I also find this a good way to stretch my mince as I add heaps of extras to the sauce (vegies, tomatoes, beans, lentils) and we can often get an extra "free" meal.

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Keep Your Freezer Full

Right side kitchen magnetsImage by Tojosan via FlickrIt takes much less energy to maintain a frozen state than it does to keep air cool. Fill your freezer with bottles of water to reduce the ongoing running cost.

You'll always have frozen water on hand and you'll save money easy.

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Boil Water In Your Kettle

Japanese electric water boiler.Image via WikipediaYou can save yourself money on electricity by boiling water in your kettle instead of on the stove. Although a kettle uses more watts per second, it will boil water a lot faster and more efficient than a pot on the stove.

So if you're heating up water for rice or pasta or any other reason, you can save yourself money by heating the water in your electric kettle first and then pouring it into your saucepan.

Not only that but it'll also boil the water and therefore save you not only money but time.

Using the electric kettle/jug to boil water is a good way to save money easy.

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Do NOT Take Your Children With You to a Surf Shop Sale

They WILL find something they LOVE that is NOT on sale and you'll either leave the store a LOT poorer or will leave with a sad child.

Wash Your Hair With Bicarb Soda and Save Money

Bicarb Soda is a low cost and natural way to wash your hair.

Simply sprinkle a little on the top of your scalp before entering the shower.

I need to emphasize LITTLE BIT here. It doesn't take much and using too much can leave a residue in your hair.

When done properly, you should have wonderfully soft and extremely CLEAN hair when washing with bicarb soda.

A perfect finish is a few sprays of apple cider vinegar diluted in a spray bottle to help condition the hair.

Warning: Bicarb Soda is an effective cleaner and has been rumored to strip color from hair. Use with caution on newly dyed hair.

Even if you only use it every 2nd or 3rd wash, using bicarb soda to wash your hair can be a great way to SAVE MONEY.

Save Money on No Tangle Spray

Once upon a time I paid $4+ for no-tangle spray for my daughter's hair. Now I add a small amount of conditioner to a spray bottle with some water and shake to mix. It works extremely well. I don't even bother to condition her hair anymore. By spraying with this mix we deal with the tangles and have a leave in conditioner all in one. All for around 20c per 500mL. It's an easy way to save money.

Line Dry Clothes to Save Money

From Washing Line in Iceland. Taken b...Image via WikipediaThis is actually a reasonably common practise in Australia, although with our lifestyle getting busier and busier it is becoming a lost art in places. Clothes dryers use quite a lot of power so hanging clothes on a line (inside or in a shed, under a verandah etc) can save quite a LOT of electricity/power over time.

It saves wear and tear on the clothing as well so you're likely to get more wear out of your garments.

Drying clothes on a clothes line or similar is a great way to save money.

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Keep Things In Good Working Order and Save Money

Household AppliancesImage by DerekL via FlickrSimple tasks like cleaning the filters on vacuum cleaners, heaters & air conditioners, tumble dryers and exhaust fans will enable them to work at peak efficiency. If things get clogged up, the appliance will have to work harder to achieve the same job and therefore you’re likely to use more power, more time and lessen the life of the appliance.

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Cook Roasts in a Slow Cooker

a w:slow cooker Oval Crock PotImage via WikipediaDespite taking longer to cook, the slow cooker will still cost you considerably LESS to cook a roast than the oven will. And it will taste DELICIOUS. Since starting to use the slow cooker for roasts, I’ve not returned to using the oven again. If you’re a fan of brown crispy outsides you can brown the roast before putting it into the slow cooker or finish it off in the oven.

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Snuggle Up to Save Money Easy

Give everyone in the family a snuggle blanket for watching tv during the cold winter mornings and evenings. It's lots of fun to snuggle under a blanket and can save you money on the electricity/power bills.

Dress Appropriately to Save Money Easy

A baby wearing a lot of winter clothes.Image via WikipediaI think many of us are spoilt when it comes to temperature control. I hear stories of countries where it is normal to walk around in shorts and t-shirt in winter and just bump up the heat to accommodate. It is honestly not that HARD to wear clothing appropriate to the weather. Around here, if you’re not already wearing a jumper AND socks/slippers, there is NO complaining about being cold. The same goes for summer. Wear light-weight clothes and if you have long hair, pull it up off your neck. It’s amazing what a difference that can make.

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Save Money with Solar Hot Water

Here in Australia we get quite a LOT of sun. Solar Hot Water systems are getting cheaper and cheaper (and there are now models available that will connect to your current hot water system). Consider not just how long it will take to recoup your costs at the CURRENT level of electricity cost but also the fact that prices WILL rise over the decade or more the system lasts.

I LOVE our hot water FREE from the sun. It can be a great way to SAVE MONEY.

Save Money by Making Use of What Nature Has to Offer

In winter you want to open up the curtains (window coverings) on a sunny day and make sure you close them again BEFORE the sun goes down to trap warmth inside and not allow the night chill to enter the house through the glass.

In summer, it’s more important to keep the sun OUT during the day and open up the house at night to take advantage of the cooler night air.

Save Money on Capsicum

A Bell Pepper has a Scoville rating of zeroImage via WikipediaI love having capsicum on hand to add to pizzas and tomato based dishes like bolognese sauce. To save money, I buy a bag of capsicums when they go on sale and dice them and freeze them. If you're going to cook them, they go fine from the freezer to the dish you're making. It's a great way to keep them on hand and save paying a premium price during the out of season months.

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