Homemade Muesli

If you're a fan of muesli of any description, you'll be familiar with how expensive it can be. The thing is, it's so simple to make your own for half the cost of a premixed pack. You can make it up to your own taste as well. Plus there's the added bonus of using generic products without complaint (if you have a family that tends to complain). Simply mix the products into your own container and no-one will know the difference.

I never make 2 batches the same but here is what I put in our latest batch:

* 1 x 900g packet generic quick oats
* 1 x 500g packet generic processed wheat bran (it looks a little like All Bran)
* 1/2 x 500g packet generic cornflakes (we like crunch in our muesli)
* 1 x 200g packet diced apricots (you can save more by purchasing whole and dicing yourself - I was too lazy)
* 2 handfuls sultanas
* 2 handfuls pepitas

Stir together in your own container.

I mix it in a large bowl with an airtight lid and scoop into a plastic pour all style container.

I usually spend $5-$6 on the equivalent of $12 of muesli.

Play around with what you like and see what you come up with.