Simple Take Away Lunch

When we get stuck out shopping around lunch time, the quickest and cheapest lunch we've found is to grab a packet of fresh cheese and bacon rolls from the nearest supermarket. We can feed the family for the price of 1 take away meal. No preparation or filling is needed. Fresh, they taste great just as they are. The kids love them so for them it's still a treat.

A packet of donuts is a popular dessert to finish off the meal too.

Cheap Easiyo

Yogurt currently sold at the Bulgaria Pavilion...Image via Wikipedia If you like making your own yoghurt with an Easiyo maker, here is a recipe you can use to save you money.

1 1/3 Cups Full Cream Milk Powder
1/3 Cup Sugar
tsp Vanilla Essence (Imitation only as genuine has alcohol which will kill the bacteria culture)
2 Tablespoons Easiyo sachet (contains starter culture to get yoghurt going)

Half fill your Easiyo container with water, add all of the above ingredients and stir/shake until sugar is dissolved. Top up with water and put into Easiyo outer container as usual (with the boiling water as per Easiyo instructions).

When made, you can add fruit, syrup or other flavouring to taste.

This is a much cheaper way to make your Easiyo than using a full sachet each time!

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