Homemade Chicken Stock

Making your own chicken stock is easy to do and can save you quite a few dollars with not a lot of effort.

If you have a slow cooker, that is the simplest way to make it as you can set and forget it and leave it simmering away all day (or all night). Otherwise, you could make it on the stove in a saucepan.


Place whole chicken in crockpot with desired seasonings* and cook as usual. When you have removed the flesh from the chicken, return carcass to crockpot, top with water and simmer for 10-12 hours.

Allow to cool a little then strain out the bones, flesh and skin. This will leave you with mainly liquid.

Place liquid in the fridge.

Chicken fat is still slightly liquid at room temperature so you want to chill the stock to allow the fat to rise to the top of your container. When cold, scrape off fat and you'll be left with a delicious, thick stock to use. Freeze in usable portions.

* You can go as simple or as fancy as you like with seasonings. I tend to add some shallots or onions and parsley and occasionally some chicken seasoning.


Contrary to popular belief, you can make chicken stock with the carcass of a chicken that has already been cooked. The advantage of store bought cooked chickens when making a stock is that there are already many flavours added so it's simply a matter of boiling the carcass, skin and any other pieces in water to absorb as much of the leftover flavour and goodness as possible.

The stock won't be as thick or as strong but it still makes a tasty stock and is a great way to squeeze an extra meal out of any chicken.

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